DeBoer, Lonneman, Overgaard, Anderson Victorious
Thrilling Randy Droescher Memorial
From Open Trailer to Victory Lane For Fegers
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DeBoer, Lonneman, Overgaard, Anderson Victorious

DeBoer, Lonneman, Overgaard, Anderson Victorious

7/23/2016 -
Another hot night at Rapid Speedway drew 72 racecars. The night featured the Old Timers Series and the Hobby Stock Special. Roger DeBoer sta
Thrilling Randy Droescher Memorial

Thrilling Randy Droescher Memorial

7/20/2016 -
24 MSTS 360 sprint cars showed up to put on a show for the Randy Droescher Memorial, and put on a show they did. The full moon shining in th
From Open Trailer to Victory Lane For Fegers

From Open Trailer to Victory Lane For Fegers

7/16/2016 -
The temperature was cool, but the racing was hot on Friday evening at Rapid Speedway. 93 drivers competed, including 18 Wissota Challenge Se
New Rapid Speedway App!

New Rapid Speedway App!

4/19/2016 -
New for the 2016 season is our Rapid Speedway app! We have teamed up with Integrated Marketing to give our fans a place to check out the sch

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Event Profile

8/30/2013 at Rapid Speedway

8/30/2013 at Rapid Speedway

Season Championship | Rock Rapids, IA


A Feature

12Nick BradySioux Falls, SD61N
24Thomas KrachtLuverne, MN15
31Jesse Connell3C
45Brian KroonRock Rapids, IA14
56Elroy SybesmaBoyden, IA91E
67Dylan VandentopRock Rapids, IA81VT
73Brady KlaassenAdrian, MN35K
88Shane Ochlerts690

Heat 1

6 laps
14Nick BradySioux Falls, SD61N
22Thomas KrachtLuverne, MN15
33Brian KroonRock Rapids, IA14
47Brady KlaassenAdrian, MN35K
56Jesse Connell3C
61Elroy SybesmaBoyden, IA91E
78Shane Ochlerts690
DQ5Dylan VandentopRock Rapids, IA81VT

Lems Auto Recyclers USRA Hobby Stocks

A Feature

13Dustin GulbrandsonSioux Falls, SD6
21Chad LonnemanAdrian, MN17L
310Larry Kracht21
42Justin RegnerusMiddleburg, IA32
59Steve Folkens4
612Al Lange84L
76Travis VandentopRock Rapids, IA81
84Matt LangePipestone, MN84
913Brandon Erickson96E
10 (DNF)5Eric Gaul22E
11 (DNF)7Dan StrandbergWorthington, MN3K
12 (DNF)14Steve SchouwenburgHills, MN38S
13 (DNF)11Dusty Vanderbrink1D
14 (DNF)15Chad KooikerRock Valley, IA88
DQ8Spencer KalassLuverne, MN20K

Heat 1

6 laps
16Chad LonnemanAdrian, MN17L
22Travis VandentopRock Rapids, IA81
34Steve Folkens4
41Spencer KalassLuverne, MN20K
55Dustin GulbrandsonSioux Falls, SD6
63Dusty Vanderbrink1D
7 (DNF)7Steve SchouwenburgHills, MN38S
8 (DNF)8Chad KooikerRock Valley, IA88

Heat 2

6 laps
12Larry Kracht21
24Eric Gaul22E
36Dan StrandbergWorthington, MN3K
43Justin RegnerusMiddleburg, IA32
55Matt LangePipestone, MN84
61Al Lange84L
77Brandon Erickson96E

KJ Automotive USRA B-Modifieds

A Feature

15 laps
11Cullen De RuyterRuthton, MN7
22Colter DeutschEllsworth, MN5
312Tracy JohnsonLake Preston, SD19
414Chris HuismanRock Rapids, IA63
53Jeremy KlaassenRock Rapids, IA35
67Mitch Van EngenDoon, IA9
74Tim DannHartford, SD40
813Dan Vanbruggen42V
917Heath Warntjes22W
105Greg RoemenEllsworth, MN76
11 (DNF)16Cory Hoogland74
12 (DNF)18Casey WinquistLennox, SD21E
13 (DNF)8Tyler JohnsonTea, SD91
14 (DNF)9Miah ChristensenSioux Falls, SD7M
15 (DNF)19Alan Vanden BrinkIreton, IA24X
16 (DNF)15Josh KeldermanSioux Center, IA43K
17 (DNF)10Cody AhrendtInwood, IA84
18 (DNF)6Dave MulderDoon, IA4
19 (DNF)11Leon MulderDoon, IA32

Heat 1

6 laps
13Cody AhrendtInwood, IA84
24Tyler JohnsonTea, SD91
32Tracy JohnsonLake Preston, SD19
45Mitch Van EngenDoon, IA9
56Dan Vanbruggen42V
61Josh KeldermanSioux Center, IA43K
7 (DNF)7Casey WinquistLennox, SD21E

Heat 2

6 laps
14Colter DeutschEllsworth, MN5
21Greg RoemenEllsworth, MN76
32Leon MulderDoon, IA32
43Dave MulderDoon, IA4
56Chris HuismanRock Rapids, IA63
65Heath Warntjes22W

Heat 3

6 laps
12Jeremy KlaassenRock Rapids, IA35
24Cullen De RuyterRuthton, MN7
33Miah ChristensenSioux Falls, SD7M
41Tim DannHartford, SD40
56Cory Hoogland74
6 (DNF)5Alan Vanden BrinkIreton, IA24X

Precision Auto Body USRA Stock Cars

A Feature

15 laps
11Rich GregoireRussell, MN32X
24Brad KlaassenAdrian, MN45K
32Jon DeBoerLittle Rock, IA16J
47Roger VerdoornSibley, IA04
56Scott Overgaard40
68Troy WoelberHull, IA96
79Glenn WyniaSioux Center, IA36
810Darwin KlaassenLittle Rock, IA54K
911Brad GreenNorth Sioux City, SD83
10 (DNF)5Colby Klaassen34K
11 (DNF)3Justin ArendsLittle Rock, IA22

Heat 1

6 laps
14Rich GregoireRussell, MN32X
22Justin ArendsLittle Rock, IA22
36Troy WoelberHull, IA96
43Scott Overgaard40
51Glenn WyniaSioux Center, IA36
65Brad GreenNorth Sioux City, SD83

Heat 2

6 laps
14Brad KlaassenAdrian, MN45K
21Colby Klaassen34K
32Roger VerdoornSibley, IA04
43Jon DeBoerLittle Rock, IA16J
55Darwin KlaassenLittle Rock, IA54K
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