Thrilling Randy Droescher Memorial
From Open Trailer to Victory Lane For Fegers
Van Engen Tops Field of 36 B-mods
New Rapid Speedway App!
Thrilling Randy Droescher Memorial

Thrilling Randy Droescher Memorial

7/20/2016 -
24 MSTS 360 sprint cars showed up to put on a show for the Randy Droescher Memorial, and put on a show they did. The full moon shining in th
From Open Trailer to Victory Lane For Fegers

From Open Trailer to Victory Lane For Fegers

7/16/2016 -
The temperature was cool, but the racing was hot on Friday evening at Rapid Speedway. 93 drivers competed, including 18 Wissota Challenge Se
Van Engen Tops Field of 36 B-mods

Van Engen Tops Field of 36 B-mods

7/9/2016 -
85 race cars made their way to Rapid Speedway on Friday night, making for a great field of talented drivers in every class. The Sportsmans f
New Rapid Speedway App!

New Rapid Speedway App!

4/19/2016 -
New for the 2016 season is our Rapid Speedway app! We have teamed up with Integrated Marketing to give our fans a place to check out the sch

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Rapid Speedway7/22/2016Sportsmans
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Rapid Speedway7/19/2016Sportsmans
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Season Points

Sportsmansas of 7/19/2016
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Lems Auto Recyclers USRA Hobby Stocksas of 7/15/2016
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KJ Automotive USRA B-Modifiedsas of 7/15/2016
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Precision Auto Body USRA Stock Carsas of 7/15/2016
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Rapid Speedway Schedule - 2014

As of September 05, 2014

KJ Automotive USRA B-Modifieds

PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Mitch Van Engen17910802
2Tim Dann279688-114
3Cullen De Ruyter1579589-213
4Kevin Joachim1357570-232
5Cody Ahrendt3667566-236
6Dave Mulder358559-243
7Chris Huisman1578557-245
8Jeremy Klaassen247461-341
9Trevor Kracht157428-374
10Dustin Kruse236391-411
11Tyler Johnson1245350-452
12Cory Groneword34296-506
13Miah Christensen234260-542
14Alec Vanderbrink33238-564
15Harvey Vande Weerd44231-571
16Heath Warntjes13217-585
17Conner Vande Weerd3196-606
18Colter Deutsch133169-633
19Cameron Vande Weerd112149-653
20Alec Vanden Brink1112146-656
21Justin Voeltz2138-664
22Alan Vanden Brink13122-680
23Chris Thompson11195-707
24Marlin Kracht11287-715
25Josh Mattick11184-718
26Devin Schlumbum1181-721
27Derrik Barglof1178-724
28Dan Vanbruggen1178-724
29Dave Kennedy1176-726
30Nate Barger172-730
31Nate Mosterd1172-730
32Tyler Tesch1172-730
33Zac Pruner170-732
34Cory Hoogland168-734
35Nick Deleuw164-738
36Cade Powell164-738
37Nick Dieter160-742
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