Kroon, Fitzpatrick, Van Engen, Zevenbergen victorious
GOMUDDY.COM NSL 360's Return
New Rapid Speedway App!
Kroon, Fitzpatrick, Van Engen, Zevenbergen victorious

Kroon, Fitzpatrick, Van Engen, Zevenbergen victorious

5/21/2016 -
75 race cars rolled through the back gate to start the evening. Bryant Klaassen took the early lead in the Sportsmans feature from Marni DeB
GOMUDDY.COM NSL 360's Return

GOMUDDY.COM NSL 360's Return

5/7/2016 -
Friday night featured the return of the NSL 360 Tri-State Region sprint cars to Rapid Speedway. To start off the night, Andy Wiexzorek and B
New Rapid Speedway App!

New Rapid Speedway App!

4/19/2016 -
New for the 2016 season is our Rapid Speedway app! We have teamed up with Integrated Marketing to give our fans a place to check out the sch

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Rapid Speedway Schedule - 2014

As of September 05, 2014

KJ Automotive USRA B-Modifieds

PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Mitch Van Engen17910802
2Tim Dann279688-114
3Cullen De Ruyter1579589-213
4Kevin Joachim1357570-232
5Cody Ahrendt3667566-236
6Dave Mulder358559-243
7Chris Huisman1578557-245
8Jeremy Klaassen247461-341
9Trevor Kracht157428-374
10Dustin Kruse236391-411
11Tyler Johnson1245350-452
12Cory Groneword34296-506
13Miah Christensen234260-542
14Alec Vanderbrink33238-564
15Harvey Vande Weerd44231-571
16Heath Warntjes13217-585
17Conner Vande Weerd3196-606
18Colter Deutsch133169-633
19Cameron Vande Weerd112149-653
20Alec Vanden Brink1112146-656
21Justin Voeltz2138-664
22Alan Vanden Brink13122-680
23Chris Thompson11195-707
24Marlin Kracht11287-715
25Josh Mattick11184-718
26Devin Schlumbum1181-721
27Derrik Barglof1178-724
28Dan Vanbruggen1178-724
29Dave Kennedy1176-726
30Nate Barger172-730
31Nate Mosterd1172-730
32Tyler Tesch1172-730
33Zac Pruner170-732
34Cory Hoogland168-734
35Nick Deleuw164-738
36Mike Powell164-738
37Nick Dieter160-742
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